Friday, July 6, 2012

What do you think of the "Sinner's prayer?"

Wow!  2 days in a row... I must be on vacation! :)  Actually, my "vacation" was cut short about 9:00 a.m. today when I had to make a run to court and then spent the rest of the day on a last-minute case.   But what can I say... I love my job...

So anyway, here's an interesting post by Scot McKnight about what to invite people to instead of the sinner's prayer.  Although he says and I agree that the good old sinner's prayer is effective and the right thing sometimes, I do remember so often when I was working at summer camp so long ago thinking that it felt just a bit empty when separated from all that is the Gospel.  I mean, Jesus invites us to relationship, to a long journey of walking with him and living in step with the Spirit.  He invites us to be a part of his desire and plan to transform the world through the power of Jesus Christ.  Confessing sins and "accepting Christ" is a step, but it's just one.  There is so much more to living life with the Eternal One.   

How do you describe the process of faith when you're talking about it with your friends?

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