Tuesday, September 18, 2012

an expression and extension of the Kingdom

"Jesus’ call to conversion involved turning around, accepting the reality of God’s rule, and then willingly becoming an expression and an extension of that rule in participation with a local congregation of his people.” Arthur F. Glasser, Announcing the Kingdom, (Grand Rapids, Michigan: Baker Academic, 2003), 355.

What does it mean to be an expression and extension of God's rule?

Jesus constantly invited people into the kingdom of God.  As I mentioned here, being a part of the kingdom invites the kingdom rule and reign of God into your life and into the world.  But once you've done that, I think that we must go on to be a part of bringing God's kingdom to the world.

So we begin by asking, what does God want to restore and renew in the world around me?  And what can I do, given my life experience, the gifts God has given me, and the passions that I have?

God has so many passions--so many things that he cares about.  He cares about justice for the oppressed, stewardship of the earth's resources, concern for the poor and widows and orphans.  He cares about transforming individuals and communities into people and places that reflect his character.  He cares about the prisoners and setting people free from bondage to sin and to oppression.

What passions do you share with him?  If you don't share any, then begin to pray that God will give you his eyes and his heart to see the world.  But if there's something that jumps out at you, then what are some practical things you can do to join God's work in these areas?  What's one step you can take this week to be an expression and extension of God's rule?  How is your church already participating in these things, and how can you join them?

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