Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Living Storybook

When I was little, I listened to a record that had this song on it about "a two-footed, ten-toed storybook."  The idea was that God's story is written on his people, and the way we live allows others to read that story to find something out about God and us.

Generally, lawyers get a bad rap, and much of that is probably deserved.  Somehow what they teach us in law school leads us to believe that no rule is absolute, that it's all about the arguments that you make, and an argument can always be made.

Anyway, my world is made up of this belief system that you've got to do what it takes to get ahead.  There is so much stress and pressure associated with the job, that everyone lives life dreaming of making partner and retiring well.  There's little contentment, little joy, and a lot of divorce and substance abuse.

But I just met with a group of attorneys today who formed a law firm with the vision of helping people.  They represent clients on a sliding scale, and they take cases that no one else wants to take.  They are still passionate about seeing justice done.  They stick out in our community like a sore thumb.  And when I walked into their office, I saw things around the office that told me the reasons they do this is because of their faith.

What an awesome testimony to the love and presence of God in the poorest of neighborhoods.  It's inspiring to see other people who are so committed to making their lives count for something.  I have no idea if they talk about faith with their clients or with other attorneys.  They certainly didn't talk about it with me when we met today.  But I can say for sure that they're living it out in a way that's meaningful.  They're putting actions behind what they say they believe.  They're a living, breathing incarnation of God's presence and his passion for justice in our community.


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