Monday, December 13, 2010

Seeing behind the questions continued

So the first thing I should say is that I really think the person who did that YouTube video was joking.  It's satire, and he's poking fun at the inconsistencies of the Christian belief system.  It's oversimplified.

The question that the guy asks is, "Why does God want to send me to hell?"  He says that Jesus doesn't have to send him to hell, because he's Jesus, and should be powerful enough to choose.  He also says that the type of love that demands worship is conditional, and that he would have expected God to be more noble than he is as a human being.

I think all of these comments has an emotional component.  I see that the question about hell has to do with the goodness of God, God's right to judge people, and why would a loving God send people to eternal judgment.  No matter what logical or rational explanation you give, the question is still going to remain--how can God do that?  And really, the question is why.

There's also an expectation that God should be better than humans, but the God that he understands God to be is capricious and makes decisions on a whim or based on shallow reasons (ego, etc) rather than good ones.

The only real way to work through these questions is to understand the character of God that's revealed in the whole story of God.  Telling stories and allowing someone to engage with the person of God, with the person of Christ, is the only way to come to any resolution.  Maybe there's a way to rationally explain all of this, but for a person whose barriers are primarily emotional questions, no rational answer is going to satisfy.

One of the visions for this blog and the connected website is to create resources for people to use to both understand and understand how to tell the stories of God.  I don't think there's any other way that a generation of feelers is going to know Christ.

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